Peppa Pig

60 cm


EAN: 5906623723614

  • Fast delivery

    Fast delivery

    Each package reaches the recipient’s hands within 24 hours via Inpost, Pocztex, Dhl and Inpost packages. They are in excellent condition, thanks to high-quality cardboard. Due to the size of the parcel, the cardboard is replaced by a white and powerful foil bag.

  • Gift packaging
    Gift packaging

    Gift packaging

    The teddy bear can be given in a gift box – we have several variants of colors of this package. Especially for the “Rose Bear” model we use, among other things, a transparent variant of the box. There is also an option to deliver products in a bag of pure cotton or satin, decorated with stars or the image of a teddy bear.

  • Note


    Attachment to the other person can be expressed in a thousand ways, and one of them is the poetic confession contained in several verses. For this color case, special paper and elegant sticker.

  • Sweets


    In addition to the plush toy, we are able to include sweets in the package. We have a really wide range of sweets. It’s just a sight, see the double joy of receiving a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. After all, who is the greatest sweet among animals, if not Winnie the Pooh?

  • Balloons


    Imagine the look on the recipient's face when they open their package and the balloons burst out of it! We also offer the possibility to add helium balloons to your package to create a "WOW" effect.

  • Made in EU

    Made in EU

    We boast that as much as 90% of our products are manufactured in our factory in EU.

  • EU Safety Standards

    EU Safety Standards

    All our toys are EN-71-3 certified, ensuring they are safe to use.

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