Additional services


Going on a trip, we take a teddy bear in a briefcase? We rhyme scour and adjust the conditions of the softbug’s travel to modern transport standards. Each package reaches the recipient’s hands within 24 hours via Inpost, Pocztex, Dhl and Inpost packages. They are in excellent condition, thanks to high-quality cardboard. Due to the size of the parcel, the cardboard is replaced by a white and powerful foil bag. In all situations, toys retain their. The shipping price information is easy to obtain before the purchase itself, as it is displayed when the product is added to the shopping cart. Its height depends on the size of the teddy bear. We carry out shipments throughout Europe. Want to ship directly to the gifted person? No problem! Just click on the checkbox “Send to a different address?” at the final stage of the order confirmation and you must specify the appropriate purpose of the teddy bear.

Gift packaging

No more boring packaging. In our shipping section, we make sure to color a bit of gray reality. The teddy bear can be given in a gift box – we have several variants of colors of this package. Especially for the “Rose Bear” model we use, among other things, a transparent variant of the box. There is also an option to deliver products in a bag of pure cotton or satin, decorated with stars or the image of a teddy bear. All packages are decorated with ribbons. Do not be afraid for the safety of the shipment, because when choosing a gift package, it is additionally inserted before the trip into the protective box. The price for the service depends on the size of the shipment.

Cardboard carton

Every two teddy bears, it’s not one. The same is true of cartons. In the interests of the condition and appearance of the shipment, we offer a shipping packaging service in additional security. This increases the customer’s confidence that the teddy bear will arrive intact and will look great in the embrace of the gifted person. Another benefit of the solution is to get a clean, neat cardboard, which can be immediately passed on to someone close. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the packaging will reach bent and jagged. And the teddy bear is joyful, and the whole package!


Attachment to the other person can be expressed in a thousand ways, and one of them is the poetic confession contained in several verses. In the leaves attached to the shipment, you can paraphrase a romantic hanger or try your hand at the lyric yourself. In our assorted there are also ready wishes prepared for various occasions: birthdays, Valentine’s Day, holidays or the birth of a child. After you make a purchase and finalize your order, you’ll see a check-up with your order notes. That’s where you need to enter the name of the recipient, which we add to the leaf or write your own text with wishes. For this color case, special paper and elegant sticker. At the top of the roses, and in the package teddy bear / Do not wait any longer, order today!


“Gently take off the gold, discover the sweet secret”? We know very well that there are many sweetguys among our customers and their loved ones. Nothing wrong with that. Who is the greatest sweet among animals, if not Winnie the Pooh? . It’s just a sight, see the double joy of receiving a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. It is difficult to resist this temptation, so we encourage you to choose this option for special occasions.